Batch Specific Packaging

Portion Packed High Intensity SweetenerPortion control can be a great help for manufactures trying to assure product quality and eliminate mistakes. Using state of the art equipment, we meticulously weigh each unit to specific batch specifications, providing an easy to use delivery system for your operation. Our packaging options are highly customizable to suit your needs.

Portions can be tailored to specific batch sizes, with a single unit per batch, or a series for multiple batch sizes. Color coding and labeling differentiation can be incorporated. Sweetener Solutions portion weights are a CQP in our quality system and are held to exacting tolerances. Pharmaceutical grade equipment is used to ensure the highest quality, accuracy, and food safety.

Portion Packing Advantagesimg_2648

  • Reduced production errors
  • Reduced labor hours
  • Reduced employee uncertainty
  • Reduced losses and waste
  • Increased margins and profits
  • Streamlined inventory management

Portion Packing Capabilities

  1. Batch specific packing
  2. Packing color and labeling differentiation.
  3. Extreme accuracy / tight tolerances
  4. Tamper evident seals
  5. Produce small batches to show Investors, Distributors, Manufacturers, or for use at Trade Shows
  6. Perform scale up and manufacturing support