unique-formulation-mike-cLeave it to our expert research and development team to help you turn your ideas into successful products. Our dedicated team of food scientists will work with you to create a product that meets sensory expectations, at the same time creating exceptional value.

Custom Formulation services include:

  • Turning your concept into a viable, marketable product
  • Product analysis and development
  • Green and environmentally preferable product development
  • Nutritional and ingredient labeling assistance
  • Confidentiality

Custom Blending

Our team of experienced professionals at Sweetener Solutions are dedicated to creating customer-specific blends incorporating high intensity sweeteners (HIS) and other ingredients that consistently deliver the same great tasting quality product. Customers who use our custom blending services benefit by receiving a product that is ready for use in your specific operation. All of our custom blends go through an extensive quality assurance process guaranteeing that the contents are accurate. Sweetener Solutions services also help reduce labor costs, reduce employee uncertainty and improve functional properties of the product.

Our custom blends are made with conventional, natural, or organic HIS.

Product testing is done in-house to verify the exceptional quality on each product created, as well as to reduce lead time on analysis which will ensure the product is delivered quickly.

Custom Blends Provide:

  • Protection of confidential formulas
  • Product consistency
  • Reduced waste and errors
  • Customized solutions
  • Ease of use in operation
  • Reduced labor

Sweetener Replacement

If you are currently using nutritive sweeteners like HFCS and sugar, or high-intensity sweeteners, Sweetener Solutions can help you successfully reformulate to meet your goals. Today increasing HFCS and sugar cost, public perception, calorie aversions, and transportation expenditure shrinks margins leaving little room for error. Implementing one of sweetener solutions custom blends can reduce batch cost, logistical expenditures, warehousing cost, and carbon emissions, all while increasing consumer confidence. All of these benefits help to create better margins and a more sustainable and profitable organization. Sweetener Solutions can help you achieve replacement of sweeteners at levels from 1 – 100%.

Benefits of Sweetener Replacement

  • Increased consumer confidence
  • Ability to enter new industry segments (reduced cal. / zero cal.)
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced labor hours
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced storage cost
  • Reduced freight expenditure