Sweetener Solutions is proud to offer product development assistance, a history of quality ingredients, expertise in custom blending, product specific packaging and the inherent benefit of substantial cost savings. Sweetener Solutions products and services literally save you time and money.

Product Development Assistance

We provide expert R&D services that assure successful formulation for your valued brands. There is no charge to our customers for formulation services. Our seasoned professionals are experienced in Beverage, Dairy, Bakery, and many other applications. We have successfully helped companies launch new formulations that are on grocery shelves throughout the world.

Quality Ingredients

Starting with source verification, our ingredients are of the best quality obtainable. We begin by auditing source manufacturing facilities and building lasting relationships with our suppliers. Ingredients are continuously monitored for quality.

Customized Blending

We provide our customers with consistent guaranteed blends of both natural and conventional high intensity sweeteners along with a multitude of other ingredients. Our blends help customers assure accurate product batches reducing mistakes that create waste in manufacturing. Blending several ingredients helps our customers decrease inventory cost and labor cost associated with adding minor ingredients to batches. Blended portion packaged ingredients maintain confidentiality of guarded product formulas.

Product Specific Packing

We provide flexible packaging options that assure an efficient delivery system for customer’s minor ingredient addition, while providing unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.

Cost Savings

Substantial cost savings can be achieved through nutritive sweetener replacement using our high intensity sweetener options. In almost all beverage applications 1% to 100 % substitution can be achieved offering considerable cost savings to our customers without an impact on consumer satisfaction.

Create Value Through Innovation

Our team will assist in identifying objectives with value added solutions that provide overall sweetener savings utilizing natural or conventional high intensity (HIS) sweetener optimization. We offer batch size packaging specific to each customers requirements that are portion controlled to precise tolerances to minimize the opportunity for batching errors. This also provides a reduction in customer inventory, reduced handling risks and a reduction in customer’s production labor.
Using our sweetener blends to lower High Fructose Corn Syrup starting with a 50% replacement yields approximately $0.10 per gallon in savings in beverages!


We operate our business in an environmentally-friendly and responsible manner so that operations will continue into the future. By using Sweetener Solutions’ blends to reduce the amount of refined and/or liquid sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) a user can reduce their purchases of traditional nutritive sweeteners by 20% or up to 50%, can enjoy batch savings from 15% to 35%, and, can save on storage and handling costs. A very modest user of 1,000,000 wet lbs. of HFCS (25 tanker trucks per year) can reduce their shipments by 200,000 wet lbs. (five tanker trucks per year) which will result in freight-dollars saved, a reduction in their overall carbon emissions and, the user will contribute to and bolster their own Corporate Sustainability Program.