OVERVIEW A regional confectioner with multi-location manufacturing operations. THE NEED Protect the confidentiality of their family recipe for their signature product offering. Ensure consistency and quality of their signature product in a multi-location production environment. THE SOLUTION Sweetener Solutions provides precise pre-blends of key ingredients in packages calibrated to their batch size, both ensuring product consistency and ...Read More...


OVERVIEW A regional franchiser of a popular alcoholic drink with multiple sweetened flavorings mixed into drink formula on-site at numerous retail locations, THE NEED Convert sweeteners and flavorings from bulky, messy liquids to lighter, easy-to-mix powders. Decrease sugar content in product to reduce calories. Preserve their existing taste profile to avoid disenfranchising their customer base. THE SOLUTION Sweetener Solutions provi...Read More...


OVERVIEW A large, regional beverage brand with multiple production locations needed to adapt their flagship, multi-flavored product line to appeal to today’s more health-conscious consumer. THE NEED Dramatically decrease sugar content in product to reduce calories. Preserve their existing taste profile to avoid disenfranchising their customer base. THE SOLUTION Sweetener Solutions was able to work with this client to ultimately reduce sugar content in all...Read More


OVERVIEW A large, multi-product, multi-ingredient, multi-batch bakery operation. THE NEED Ingredient accuracy and end product consistency in a dynamic manufacturing environment. Eliminate batches lost due to formulation errors. THE SOLUTION Sweetener Solutions provides precise dry pre-blends in package sizes calibrated to each of their products and to each batch size. THE BENEFITS Eliminated risk of formulation error and accompanying waste and ensuring to...Read More

Sensory Evaluation

In House Certified Sensory Professionals At Sweetener Solutions we offer our own in-house State of the art Sensory Program with a well-trained, certified and experienced sensory team. A dedicated sensory evaluation room equipped with advanced data collecting devices and scientifically designed tasting stations has provided constant controlled conditions and systematic sensory data collection procedure. Our certified team of sensory professionals evaluate ...Read More

SQF Certification by Sweetener Solutions

On August 2nd 2016 Sweetener Solutions was notified that we had passed our audit and had become SQF Level 2 certified.  SQF stands for Safe Quality Food and is a part of the GFSI or Global Food Safety Initiative.  This certification level combines GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices with HACCP or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points to make sure that we are producing products for our customers that both meet their specifications and are safe to consume....Read More

Paying too much for Sucralose?

PAYING TOO MUCH FOR SUCRALOSE? We have the SOLUTION!!! It is SucraSweet®HIS-600  Due to short supply, Sucralose pricing is the highest that it has been in many years and it can be very difficult to find. Sweetener Solutions has developed an excellent blended sweetener for straight sucralose replacement and for use in all NO SUGAR foods. SucraSweet®HIS-600  This is a dry free-flowing blend of crystalline maltitol, acesulfame potassium and neotame that has t...Read More