What We Do

By themselves each of today’s high intensity sweeteners has taste and function limitations. Sweetener Solutions’ sources the world’s best quality high intensity sweeteners to manufacture sweetener blends using proprietary, state-of-the-art technology. When compared to any stand alone sweetener, our blends provide superior taste and functionality. Our unique sweetener blends provide the taste profile and desired functionality to match our customer’s food ingredient needs. Each of our sweetener blends is offered in bag-in-a-box quantities, or can be portion-packed to our customers’ exact batch specifications. Our product development of recipe-specific HIS Blends provides improved taste, reduced carbs and calories, and significant cost savings for our customers.

History of Sweetener Experience

Sweetener Solutions began in 2002 at the advent of sweetener replacement. Our goal was to create a more affordable, healthy, high quality alternative to high fructose corn syrup and sugar. The company has experienced consistent growth and has plans to break ground on a new state of the art manufacturing facility, warehouse, and innovation center in the near future. From day one we have made a commitment to our customers and their consumers to deliver a consistently great tasting product that is of the highest quality. We work diligently to not only maintain, but improve on this every day.

Sweetener Solutions utilizes a line of proprietary blends and specialty portion packaging services to enhance new and existing customer nutritive and non-nutritive sweetener applications and functionality. Our tailored approach to product development and reformulation allows you to recognize significant benefits and improved taste.

We deliver cost savings, process simplification, and peace of mind to our customers.

Sweetener ComparisonEnvironmentally Aware

We operate our business in an environmentally-friendly and responsible manner so that operations will continue into the future. By using Sweetener Solutions’ blends to reduce the amount of sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) you can reduce your purchases of traditional nutritive sweeteners by 20% and up to 100%, can enjoy substantial sweetener cost savings, and can save on storage and handling costs. As an example someone who uses 1,000,000 wet lbs of HFCS (25 trucks per year) can reduce their shipments by 200,000 wet lbs (5 trucks per year) which will result in freight-dollars saved. All of this offers you an opportunity to reduce overall carbon emissions and make a positive impact on your Corporate Sustainability Program.

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