So, you’ve found our website and think we might be a great fit for your company’s needs. What now? 

 We start by having a chat about your needs; what can we do for you? You may want to reduce sugar, shipping costs, or raw material weight. Maybe you’re using a liquid syrup instead of a more convenient and cost-effective dry powder. It could be that you’re interested in creating an all-natural alternative to the product you already sell. Understanding these needs is our top priority.

Once we grasp your goals, we start the Research and Development process. We formulate based on your current flavor, a flavor you love, or just the idea of a flavor. You give us tips and feedback along the way and we end up with a blend of flavor, sweetener, and color that’s made just for your brand. Be assured that the formulation process is unique to your flavor and product.

Only after we get it just right do you commit to our product and purchase from us.

Once we receive your order, it goes off to the production line where it’s blended and packaged with your stickers, boxes, and bags in the size and quantity you need. Whether you need 100-pound sacks, 3-pound bags, or anything in between, we’ll be happy to accommodate exactly what your production needs.

The whole process can take a few weeks to a few months from start to finish. It depends on a number of factors, including your preferences, our R&D team, and so much more.