We sat down with our CEO Mike Lasky to get a more in-depth look at what makes us unique, here is what he had to say: “Three key “pillars” combine to make us unique. First, we are consciously organized to have the ability to be a full-service partner to our customers and their valuable brands. Full- service means using a customer’s existing formula or working with them to create a new, custom formula that meets their brand needs. We also offer precision blending and packaging of dry ingredients according to the specific needs of their manufacturing requirements. There are very few organizations that offer all those services in-house. We do. We don’t outsource any of it. 

I should also mention that we offer expert, professional sensory services as well. When a new formula is being created with our customer, they can access that in-house service, reducing brand risk in the marketplace.

I would use the words “flexible” and “nimble” to describe our second pillar.  It begins and ends with what they want to accomplish or what challenge they need to address, and we have the ability to both react to and change directions very quickly. It is not uncommon that a customer, for any number of reasons, may want to change direction mid-project. We understand. And we are able to quickly accommodate changes while keeping a project on-point and on-time. I have to say, we have surprised more than one customer with how quickly we were able to pivot and head in a different direction for them.

Flexibility comes into play in two ways: Number one, because we offer virtually every type of sweetener, and are able to use any or all of them to meet the needs of the customer. We aren’t constrained or prejudiced toward any single ingredient or, to a specific “off the shelf” blend. The second way our flexibility manifests itself is in our ability to accommodate both larger and small customers. We certainly have the capacity to serve larger volume customers, but we are absolutely committed as an organization to being flexible enough to handle those smaller customers who simply don’t have the internal expertise to solve a brand challenge.    

The third key pillar is that we have a “Solution” culture. We had better…it’s part of our name! But we absolutely love having new challenges to solve for our customers. 

These three pillars…being full-service, flexible, and solution-oriented…have resulted in consistent growth, a financially sound business model and a strong and robust organization.”