A large, regional beverage brand with multiple production locations needed to adapt their flagship, multi-flavored product line to appeal to today’s more health-conscious consumer.


Dramatically decrease sugar content in product to reduce calories.

Preserve their existing taste profile to avoid disenfranchising their customer base.


Sweetener Solutions was able to work with this client to ultimately reduce sugar content in all flavors by 75% via custom packaged HIS blends specifically designed for their products, with no change in flavor profile.


Allowed client to present a healthier product to their increasingly health conscious customer base, reversing the trend of declining unit sales volume.

Reduced client COGS via HIS substitution for sugar.

Enhanced production efficiency and maintained product consistency by eliminating the need for painstaking accurate measurement of multiple high intensity sweeteners.

This client faced a critical challenge involving one of their flagship brands:  Changing consumer preferences to healthier beverages was increasingly placing their popular high-sugar-content drink brand at a distinct disadvantage, negatively impacting sales.

Their challenge to Sweetener Solutions:  Dramatically reduce the sugar content and accompanying calories of their product via replacement with high intensity sweetener blends while absolutely maintaining their existing taste profile.  They had to adapt their product to be more in line with modern consumer preferences, but absolutely could not lose customers as a result of this significant but necessary formula change.

After multiple discussions with our client to ensure we understood their exact objectives/outcomes and the time frame for their transition, we presented them with a two-phase conversion process designed to meet those objectives while managing the inherent risk involved in formula changes.  Risk was minimized by splitting the transition into two phases:  The first phase of the project replaced 50% of the sugar formula with a proprietary HIS blend, followed some months later, after it was determined that the consumer accepted the new formula, by an additional replacement of 75% of the sugar with the HIS blend.

The client was understandably concerned that a major change in sweetener composition could negatively affect their customer base.  Success had to be defined as both a healthier product and a customer base that detects no change in taste.  We worked through multiple HIS blend options with the client, utilizing both our internal sensory evaluation services and their internal and field testing for each potential formula iteration, to arrive at the precise proprietary HIS blend that achieved both of their core objectives of significantly less sugar with no change in taste.

These proprietary HIS blends are now provided in custom packages calibrated to their production batch size, guaranteeing consistency across multiple production facilities.  Although not an objective of this project, their change to our HIS blend also resulted in a welcome additional benefit:  Significant reduction in their COGS for their brand.

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