A regional franchiser of a popular alcoholic drink with multiple sweetened flavorings mixed into drink formula on-site at numerous retail locations,


Convert sweeteners and flavorings from bulky, messy liquids to lighter, easy-to-mix powders.

Decrease sugar content in product to reduce calories.

Preserve their existing taste profile to avoid disenfranchising their customer base.


Sweetener Solutions provides precise, easy-to-mix powder pre-blends in package sizes calibrated to every distinct flavor in the customer’s offering.


Significant savings in shipping (50% reduction in weight) and in storage (XX% reduction in space) and handling of sweetener/flavoring component.

Client has flexibility to easily add additional or seasonally-oriented flavors, developed in concert with Sweetener Solutions, to their product assortment at multiple retail locations.

Client now able to offer an additional product range that appeals to more calorie-conscious customer segment.

This client, a growing franchiser with partners operating under their popular brand name in numerous regional locations, understood that they needed to initiate formula improvements in order to enable their franchisees to consistently and quickly produce no-mess batches of multiple flavors on-site, often during the operating hours of their retail establishments. Additionally, with publication of calorie content to consumers increasingly becoming a requirement, they realized they needed to offer a reduced calorie version of their product to appeal to the calorie-conscious segment of their customer base.

The client’s existing formula utilized high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener for each of its multiple flavors, which were shipped to locations in gallon containers.  In addition to high shipping costs and limited space to store these bulky containers on-site, container damage often occurred during shipping, which both affected accuracy of the final mix and required additional franchisees labor to clean storage areas.

Because their existing flavoring and sweetener was an off-the-shelf product, the client did not have the formula.  Sweetener Solutions’ R&D team began the re-formulation of both sweetener and flavoring from scratch with the charge to both convert from liquid to dry sweetener as well as duplicate the exact taste profile of every one of the multiple flavors in the product line.  We worked closely, flavor by flavor, with both the headquarters and with their franchisees, to systematically create new sweetener/flavor dry mixes, supplied in packages calibrated to their batch size, that duplicated the taste profile of each of their offerings.  After a flavor successfully introduced to customers at each of their retail locations, the team proceeded to the next flavor.

Our in-house formulation expertise also now allows this client to conceive of, test and introduce new flavors to their line…a powerful promotional tool in a very competitive market.

Parallel to the conversion from a wet-to-dry mix, our R&D team worked with the franchiser to create a completely sugar-free formula, matching the taste profile of their original formulas, that they have introduced in their most popular flavors, providing an advantage/differentiation point in their markets.

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