A large, multi-product, multi-ingredient, multi-batch bakery operation.
Ingredient accuracy and end product consistency in a dynamic manufacturing environment.

Eliminate batches lost due to formulation errors.


Sweetener Solutions provides precise dry pre-blends in package sizes calibrated to each of their products and to each batch size.


Eliminated risk of formulation error and accompanying waste and ensuring to product consistency, flavor-to-flavor and batch-to-batch.

Enhanced production efficiency by eliminating the need for painstaking accurate measurement of multiple ingredients.

This client operates a large bakery which produces numerous different multiple-ingredient/multi-flavored products every day. Mixes can consist of anywhere from 2-3 up to as many as 15 different dry ingredients. Most products are produced in very are large batches, where risk of error can result in significant additional costs or loss of profit. If a single ingredient is missed, which had occurred in the past, or if an ingredient is used by mistake (baking soda instead of baking powder) the result is a very costly mistake, involving lost labor, lost materials and interruption to their planning system.

Guaranteeing product consistency in their dynamic, fast-paced environment was a continual challenge and entailed an unacceptable degree of risk to this client. They had an immediate and ongoing need to absolutely ensure that all of the ingredients, for every product, for every batch are correct, precisely measured and then blended according to their proprietary formulations.

After meeting with our client to ensure we understood their needs and that our capabilities were a match for them, we prepared beta-test samples of precise ingredient blends for each of their products. This involved multiple package sizes, dictated both by product and batch size, which were incorporated into their production in an initial test phase.

Employing our proprietary Accu-Blend™ mixing process, which includes multiple in-process quality assurance steps, we package multiple pre-blends in various sizes across the entire product range for the client to then introduce to bulk ingredients in their manufacturing process.

Engaging Sweetener Solutions to simplify their in-house manufacturing process while virtually eliminating the potential for formulation error has proven to be a significant benefit to the quality, efficiency and profitability of their operation.

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