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We Specialize In…

…Custom Formulating
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We Specialize In…

…Precision Blending
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We Specialize In…

…Custom Packaging
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Our Promise To You

  • We’re Customer-Centric: Our mission is to support the brand excellence of you, our customer.
  • We’re Innovative: We possess the experience and technical formulation competence to create novel solutions for virtually every challenge.
  • We’re Meticulous: We pay attention to even the smallest of details, recognizing that this is your brand, and it deserves perfection.
  • We’re Action Oriented: We actively listen to your brand needs, ask questions and quickly provide options.
  • We’re Flexible and Agile: We quickly adapt to your brand needs, and we understand that these can change at any time.

Custom Formulating

Conventional Sugar Replacement

We understand the “science of sweet,” and can help you reduce conventional sugar in your formula, or eliminate it completely, replacing it with a proprietary High Intensity Sweetener blend customized specifically to your product, with real benefits to your product and to your bottom line!

Significant reduction in calories.

Reducing the calorie count of your product increases its appeal to today’s health conscious consumer.

Significant reduction in product ingredient cost.

Employing a custom High Intensity Sweetener blend in place of some or all of conventional sugar typically results in significant reduction in your product ingredient costs.

Real reductions in freight and inventory costs.

Very small amounts of High Intensity Sweeteners can replace significant amounts of heavy, bulky conventional sweetener, reducing both inbound freight and required warehouse space.

Our in-house sensory evaluation team will work with you through every step to arrive at the optimal solution, designed specifically for your brand, ensuring that the existing taste profile of your product is maintained.

Conversion of Liquid Ingredients to Dry Alternatives

Are you still employing liquids or syrups in your product formulation? Just because that is always how it’s been done doesn’t mean it has to continue! Employing heavy, cumbersome, messy liquids in your formula quietly drains profit dollars from your operation every single day. We specialize in converting liquid ingredients in formulas to economical and convenient dry alternatives. Wet to dry conversion delivers solid benefits to your bottom line.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Simply put, it is much easier and faster to add dry ingredients to a production batch than it is to add liquids. And let’s face it…clean up due to liquid spillage (be honest…it happens) is a complete waste of your production time! Utilizing customized, dry, multi-ingredient blends in your production both increases efficiency and reduces chances for production formulation errors. Instead of adding correct quantities of multiple ingredients, your team simply adds the custom blend that we provide to the remaining ingredients in your product batch.

Savings in Inbound Freight

Dry alternatives weight is a fraction of that of conventional liquids. Why pay so much to ship a liquid (in which water is likely a principal ingredient) to your production site? It’s simply a waste of your profit.

Warehousing Space

Raw materials on shelves consuming warehouse space is a real cost to your organization. Why inventory all of your bulk ingredients on-site, consuming valuable warehouse space and tying up cash in inventory? Not to mention the time required to manage that inventory and ensure everything you need is on site when needed. Make it simple: Let us manufacture your custom ingredient blend to order, and ship it to you when your production needs it.

Product Improvement or Product Line Expansion

Have you ever contemplated improving/enhancing your existing product to re-energize market interest and increase sales? We can work with you to…

  • Fortify your product with an assortment of additional functional ingredients.
  • Expand and differentiate your existing product line based on flavor, consistency, color, etc.
  • Even create a complete, new product assortment to add to your portfolio.

Precision Blending

If achieving a perfect, consistent ingredient blend batch after batch is a challenge (or just a hassle), we can be your solution.

Modern dry-blending is a high-tech process requiring specialized equipment and the expertise that comes with experience, particularly when working with High Intensity Sweeteners or formulas containing very small amounts of other critical ingredients. If you’re experiencing blending issues or just prefer to not blend internally, our precision blending expertise is your solution.

Our proprietary AccuBlend™ blending process, which employs sophisticated pre-blending of ingredients which may present a challenge to blend properly or are present in very small amounts, combined with multiple in-process and post-process Quality Assurance steps, guarantees that you’re the blend you receive from us is right…every time.

Let us do what we do best, so you can concentrate on what you do best…building your brand!

Manage Production Risk and Waste

Entrusting precision blending of your dry ingredients to Sweetener Solutions virtually eliminates waste and risk associated with in-house blending. Formula error, whether it be in the form of the wrong ingredient or the incorrect amount, and the accompanying waste of time and materials, is eliminated when you receive your batch-ready, precision blended product blend from us.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Multiple raw materials on your shelves is a real (but hidden) cost to your organization. Why inventory all of your bulk ingredients on-site, consuming valuable warehouse space and tying up cash in excess inventory? Not to mention the time required to order, receive, test and stock each ingredient to ensure everything is on-site when needed. Make it simple: Let us manufacture your custom ingredient blend to order, and ship it to you when your production needs it. Your inventory is converted to a single package that is added to your production batch. Why not go from “good enough” to “just in time?”

Save Both Time and Money

Individually measuring and adding every ingredient to your batch on your production floor consumes both time and labor. Plus, it’s just one more variable in your production process that you have to control. Entrusting Sweetener Solutions to supply your blend can significantly reduce both pre-production time and production labor. Your production department simply adds your proprietary formula blend, calibrated exactly to your individual batch size requirements, to any remaining ingredients in your formula, and production begins.

Custom Packaging

We can provide your specific blend or pre-blend in pre-measured packets specifically tailored to your product and production batch size. All you do is empty your custom-blended and packaged mix to your batch.

During these challenging days, we remain fully operational and committed to continuing to supply our valued customers with their product needs. To learn more about the internal steps we have taken to address the current situation, ensuring the safety of both our team members and the products they produce, please follow this link.